More Summer Songs

August is upon us — the season of summer vacations. So, sing some songs of summer — here’s a few to choose from, mostly from my younger days.

In the Good Old Summertime

An early recording — Billy Murray (1902)


Another version by Nat King Cole, the one I grew up hearing.

See You in September

Released by the Tempos in 1959, this one was re-recorded by several other performers, capturing the hopeful hearts of teenagers in love awaiting the return of their sweethearts from summer vacation.


The Green Leaves of Summer

Originally written for the movie, The Alamo (1960), performed for the soundtrack here by the Four Brothers.


Personally, I remember and prefer Peter & Gordon’s version instead.


A Summer Song

Chad & Jeremy gave us this summer classic in 1964.


Summer Wine

Written by Lee Hazelwood as a duet, the most popular version featured him with Nancy Sinatra as his partner’s voice


Summer Breeze

Seals & Croft gave us this one in 1970 — almost ideal in tone, rhythm and feeling for summer.


Summer Nights

Disclosure: I have never watchd the movie nor do I have any interest in doing so. However, it was impossible to avoid hearing this song after the musical, the film, and the soundtrack album in the early 70s.


Summer of 69

Summer stokes nostalgia, and so often we look back to prize a particular summer — in 1985, Bryan Adams took us back to one of his favorites


Hissing of Summer Lawns

Joni Mitchell’s song/album title alone will forever define a certain languid, summer ennui.


That ought to get you singing!



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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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