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“The Old Crazy Goat” — Songs of Will T. Massey

Will left Austin abruptly at one point and moved out to his Dad’s ranch outside of San Angelo. Living in the old farmhouse out there, he spent a lot of time with the landscape and the livestock — especially some … Continue reading

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Sept. 21 — World Peace Day

Let there be Peace on Earth — and let it begin with me. Today, we celebrate World Peace Day, first observed in 1982 as a day for dediacting ourselves to world peace. With this year’s Day of Peace falling on … Continue reading

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Passing of Old Austin, Lamentation #836

Austin is and always has been about change. That means a constant revitalization through the annual influx of new university students, and more recently, wave upon wave of young professionals, tech entrepreneurs, and creative people of all stripes. Unfortunately, of … Continue reading

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ID Toolbox: Events of Instruction

Here’s another fundamental tool from my Instructional Design toolbox in addition to ADDIE, the Events of Instruction. Instructional design as a discipline is relatively young, having sprung up in the post-WWII era from the military’s desire to make their training … Continue reading

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What They Said — Quotes

It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations. — Winston Churchill Audrey Hepburn Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being’s suffering. Not a career. Not wealth. Not intelligence. Certainly not status. … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Coming to Present at SXSWedu 2019? An Update

The crowdsourcing PanelPicker™ process for selecting presentations for the SXSWedu 2019 conference has mostly ended now. Public review for up/down voting on proposals ended a week ago, and the evaluation period for Advisory Board members’ input ended at midnight on … Continue reading

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“Closin’ Down My Heart (The Last One to Leave)” — Songs of Will T. Massey

Another old favorite from Will’s 1989 self-released cassette, Slow Study. I’ve long felt this heartbreaker could be a huge hit for nearly any country singer who covered it, male or female. You could tell when you looked at me: Like … Continue reading

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September — THE Best Month of the Year

Okay, obviously I’m biased with my birthday coming up on the 24th (you still have plenty of time to get a present, hint, hint!) but it’s the simple truth. Though popular songs often refer to the “September of my years” … Continue reading

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