“That’s Texas” — Songs of Will T. Massey

Will T. Massey "Kickin' Up Dust" coverAnother early song from Will,  from his 1988 self-released cassette, Kickin’ Up Dust, based on a true event from an early  SXSW showcase at Chicago House.

Will confronted an obnoxious audience member about talking during the music, not knowing he was a high-powered A&R guy from one of the major labels there to look for new talent. But Will knew rude audience behavior and he knew how Chicago House owners Peg Miller & Glynda Cox usually reacted, so he intervened — and ended up kicking the guy out.

Well, me & the boys were through for the night.
I stepped off of the stage and out of the light,
I sat me down by a pretty young thing
Who said she liked the way I sing.
I said, “I can see you ain’t from ’round here,
Baby, could I buy you a Texas beer?”
She said, “I’ve heard a lot of lies about men like you,”
So I took her hand and I told her true —

We got a way of walkin’,
We got a tone of talkin’,
We got a style of drinking,
Our own brand of thinking,
And that’s the feeling coming through to you —
That’s Texas, ma’am, it’s in everything we do.

Well, about that time, I seen this Yankee dude,
He’s walking over in a real bad mood.
Said, “That’s my woman that’s sitting there.”
Started cussing and yanking her out of her chair.
I said, “I don’t know where you come from,
But down here, that ain’t the way it’s done.”
And five fingers later, he was on the floor,
And I told him as I walked her out the door,

We got a way of walkin’,
We got a tone of talkin’,
We got a style of drinking,
Our own brand of thinking,
And we take pride in everything we do —
So welcome to Texas, man, I hope you learn a thing or two.

Well, a few days later, she was on a plane,
Headed back to from where she came.
Said she’d never forget the firelight
Or the magic of an Austin night…

Well, she’ll be missing
That kind of kissing,
Our style of dancing,
Texas romancing…
She told me, “Willie T., baby, I think I love you,”
I said, “Nah, that’s just Texas, honey —
And I love it, too!”

 Will T. MAssey @ Opal Divine’s, NotSXSW 2010
with Scrappy Judd Newcomb, Mark “Gumby” Williams, and Ram Zimmerman

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