Small Business Revolution Visit in the Cañon City Rear View

Following up on yesterday’s blog about my Top 5 reasons Cañon City is #1, here are a few articles and videos related to last week’s visit from the Small Business Revolution crew, headed up by Amanda Brinkman.

Ryan Stevens, our Economic Development Officer talked about the impact of the community coming together for this campaign in this opinion piece.

I have seen a change since we started talking about the Small Business Revolution back in October with a social media push to make it to the top 10. We might be promoting a single hashtag, #mycanoncity but the feeling around town is that “My Cañon City” has morphed into “Our Cañon City.”

Excitement kept building on Main Street pre-visit, with shop owners sprucing up their storefronts and reaching out to the community.

“I’ve been here 20-plus years, and I’ve never seen anything bring all of the businesses and the town and the community itself together,” said Jennifer Malespini, owner and operator of Bella Capelli Salon & Boutique. “I’ve never seen any kind of a united front like this. It really warms my heart after all these years that it’s coming together.”

Here’s a 4-minute video that the SBR crew posted about their visit.


Our local radio station (KRLN, 1400-AM) aired this interview live on the air (29 minutes).


Thursday night, the city held a rally downtown on Main Street — lots of photos and videos came out of that event. A quick search of the hashtag #mycanoncity ought to bring you a treasure trove of photos and links. The Cañon CIty Economic Development office posted this 3-minute video of Mayor Troutman addressing the crowd and exhorting us to welcome Amanda Brinkman to the stage.


TV station KOAA, Channel 5 in Colorado Springs came down, to provide coverage for the rally and the visit itself in this brief story.


Well, the film crew has come and gone but the campaign is not over yet. The Top 5 finalists will be announced early next Tuesday, February 12th. Between now and then, the social media hashtag campaign continues.

Please share any and all Cañon City touts (like yesterday’s and today’s blog posts) to all your social outlets with the double hashtag of #mycanoncity and #smallbusinessrevolution. Even after the exhilaration of the SBR crew’s visit has passed, the excitement keeps growing here in Cañon CIty.

See ya next Tuesday — in the Top 5!

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