Cañon City Keeps Comin’ On Strong

It’s not over till it’s over and that certainly applies to the Small Business Revolution Season 4 selection process. After making it into the Top 20 of over 12,000 self-nominated towns, Cañon City was named as one of the Top 10 semi-finalists back in December.

In January, a roving Small Business Revolution team including a film crew visited each of the top 10 towns they had selected to see for themselves what was going on Main Street, U.S.A. Deluxe, the company behind the Small Business Revolution, wrote about the tour in this blog post:

From one community to the next, the spirit of entrepreneurism in our smaller, rural areas is alive and well. What we found in our first season in Wabash, Indiana still holds true. Being a small business owner is a HUGE job. It isn’t just a living – the dollars generated by a small business owner circulate in the community 10 times over. It is a commitment and an honor to run a small business. That spirit is alive throughout every community we visited.

They also shared photos from each of the Top 10 towns. I love that they chose this shot of our historic Main Street with the nearby mountains as a backdrop for Cañon City.

Main Street, Cañon CIty

Main Street, Cañon CIty

Just after the Small Business Revolution team visit, I shared my Top 5 reasons we’re #1, mentioning the excitement the entire Cañon community experienced before, during, and after the visit. Local photographer/videographer Nick Landry captured the upbeat and welcoming mood in this brief video.


Our excitement continues. The Top 5 finalists will be announced next Tuesday morning and Cañon is ready. We’re planning a sunrise party for the morning reveal. We hope —no, we expect! — to see Cañon City make that list.

Then, there will a week of public voting for #1 as explained by our Economic Development Director, Ryan Stevens.

People can go to, which will be redirected to the correct page once voting officially opens. “People can vote once per day, per email address,” Stevens said.
Deluxe will announce the public’s choice at the end of February.

You can bet I will be posting more about #mycanoncity and the #smallbusinessrevolution.

Meanwhile, let’s head back to the rally to get charged up.


Join in the fun and shout it out loud — “MY CAÑON CITY! MY CAÑON CITY! MY CAÑON CITY! MY CAÑON CITY!”

Didn’t that feel great? Now go post it — repeatedly. Use our hashtags on social media and please share widely to help us win.


Got it? Good — now, go!


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