Countdown to Cañon City #1

We’re #2 — time to summit the #1 peak!

Feb. 15 standings in Small Business revolution — Main Street: Cañon City #2

I’m asking all of you to spare a minute to go to to vote for us. Then, spread the word far & wide to get out the vote between now and Tuesday!

You can vote once EVERY day thru Tuesday from EACH email address you have. Please vote daily— every vote counts!

Once more, here’s a quick look at my little town, as seen by the Small Business Revolution crew on their recent visit


Now, let me explain: I believe in the power of suggestive rumor.

It’s worked any time I evoked the power of the group imagination to bring a dream or vision to fruition. So I believe we can — and will — put Cañon City over the top in this week’s public voting through the pwoer of suggestive rumor. I believe we will turn out to be the #1 Season 4 choice for the Small Business Revolution. But we need your help.

We’re already winners in this campaign and we will push forward in the future regardless of Tuesday’s outcome. Nothing’s going to stop Unbridled’s renovation efforts with our historic Main Street Hotel St. Cloud.  And I haven’t even told you about the Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort yet — wait till you see the handicap-accessible railroad trestle-trails they’re building out there.

Meanwhile, I’m asking 2 things of you:

1) Direct support

This is a public vote. You can vote once every day for each of every email addresses you use. Please go to to vote. Today, tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. If you have 2 email addresses (like me), double up daily. More than 2 email addresses? Fantastic! PLEASE support us these last 4 days with as many votes as you can muster.


Let me repeat myself: this is  public vote. You AND everyone you know can, and, yes, should, go to to help us take that #1 slot by Tuesday at midnight when voting closes. At the risk of repeating myself yet again: pas it along today, tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday, please. Every vote, every day counts at this point in the process.

If you do, I promise I’ll buy you a coffee. Or a milk shake. Or a beer. I’ll even take you out to the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park if you want (I will not, however, go on the zip line with you).

Just go to VOTECANONCITY.COM and vote for Cañon City, okay? Today, tomorrow, Monday, and, yes, Tuesday, too, please— voting is open until midnight February 19th.


About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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