Vote Cañon City #1 — Last Day Today!

Before you read this, please go to VOTECANONCITY.COM and help push Cañon City to victory in the Small Business Revolution Season 4 finals today. Voting stops at 9pm MST (that’s 7pm on the West Coast, 11pm East coast) and you can vote once from each email address you have.

Let me share a few more items that make us the winner.

Hotel St. Cloud

Established 1883, Hotel St. Cloud, Cañon CityI told you before about the Unbridled Group and their restoration of our historic Main Street Hotel St. Cloud. There is no way to overestimate the impact this is already having. The great news is how completely Cañon City has embraced Unbridled — and they have returned the embrace.

“You are so powerful as a culture, you are so welcoming in a world that is starving for human connection,” said Stan Bullis, the president of Unbridled, who owns the historic Hotel St. Cloud…

“That is your ‘X factor.'”

Robison Mansion

Robison Mansion, Cañon CityAnother historic property in town has also recently been bought for restoration, the Robison Mansion.

Though it had remained open as an event center, the new owner — who also owns the Royal Gorge Route Railroad — intends to re-open the former residential mansion as a bed-and-breakfast, with plans to turn the carriage house on the grounds into a combination restaurant/catering service.

“Everything will be top notch, comfortable and guest-oriented and everything will be based around the train,” so ride-and-stay packages will be offered for guests who want to do both…“It is such a cool property and I’ve been looking at it for 20 years — ever since we took over the train. I have always been blown away by the mansion,” he said.

Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort

Moving here 2 years ago, we missed out on seeing famed tourist attraction and occasionl movie set, Buckskin Joe’s. Shuttered since 2010, the grounds stayed empty & closed, sporting prominent “For Sale” signs. As of this spring, the owner of the nearby Whitewater Bar & Grill announced acquisition of the property and extensive plans for the Royal Gorge Ranch & Resort. In addition to an upscale “tiny home” community and attached resort-style amenities, they plan to turn the abandoned tracks of the Scenic Royal Gorge Railway into miles of handicap-accessible trails for hiking and biking. Included as part of the trail system will be several of the former railroad trestles offering unparalleled scenic views.


Cañon City will continue to grow ever more amazing as our community thrives whatever the outcome of this contest. There’s promise of more commerce and entertainment on Main Street, from the rumored re-opening of the Skyline Theater and next week’s return of  a true brewpub to Main Street, World’s End Brewing. A couple of the TechSTART start-ups businesses are currently searching for places to establish both a remote tech suport call center and an arcade-style VR Cafe.

Drop on by to visit us in southern Colorado sometime. But today, be sure to go…


…from EVERY email address you have!


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