SXSWedu 2019 — Doodle-notes, part 1

You know about my SXSWedu doodle-notes and you may even have examined past ones that I’ve posted. I’ll admit I’m slightly out of practice this time around (and forgot my doodle-book entirely one day), but here are a few from my recent sojourn into the Land of A-Ha’s at SXSWedu 2019.

I’ve also embedded the audio recording of each of these talks so you can listen and “follow along” in my notes if you want a fuller recreation of the experience.

WEAVE: The Social Fabric Project

Moderator: David Brooks
Panelists: Dan Porterfield
Lisa Fitzpatrick
Darius Baxter

This project of the Aspen Institute is working to help restore a stronger social fabric binding people across lines of difference.

Two of the panelists, Lisa and Darius, shared the personal experiences that led them to do the work each does in their communities.


Both of them had been invited to Austin by David Brooks without being told they would be joining him on a panel for the conference’s opening keynote — in front of thousands of people.

“I thought I was coming to dinner.”

They handled it well — certainly better than I would have.

EDUXBRAIN: Telling Brain Fact from Fiction

Amelia Bachleda
(Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences)


As you listen to the recording, stand up and join in the head-toes-shoulders-knees game as we did that day.

That’ll get your brain going.

Space Interns! Accessing NASA’s World of Work

Wendy Quarles
Tracy Minish
Tu-Quynh Bui
Ann Michel

NASA’s internship program at the Johnson Space Center works with promising, interested students with “diverse-abilities” with the NoBO philosophy — No Boundaries.

See, the sky is not the limit — it’s the playground.

Building OnRamps to College Readiness

Harrison Keller
(University of Texas at Austin)

Over 40% of students arrive at college and experience unexpected levels of rigor in both content and grading, leaving them wondering if they are ready for this.

UT is working on ways to ease that transition.

Next: more SXSWedu2019 doodle-notes to come

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