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Salute to Superheroes

Spoiler: there are no Avengers: Endgame spoilers here. I haven’t seen it yet and wouldn’t tell if I had. Just go. You know you want to. Happy National Superhero Day! My superhero fascination started with Superman — the TV show: … Continue reading

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Advice from Austin Kleon

Keep Going! How appropriate that Austin Kleon’s newest book arrives right when I am struggling with blogging, when I have stalled out from my usual pace of posting, and have been feeling defeated and unable to get started again. As … Continue reading

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Asherton 1914, Addendum

In 1914, my grandfather moved his family from rural east Texas to the south Texas town of Asherton to take on the challenge of re-opening a school, as he wrote of in this prior posting. He also shared some of … Continue reading

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Supplies & Sundries for a Slow Saturday

It’s chilly, gray, and wet on this Saturday — a perfect day for wandering the web and checking out the amazing archives and repositories openly and freely available. From films to archives to ancient manuscripts to music, this short list … Continue reading

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“The Dark Side of a Dream” — Songs of Will T. Massey

Will wrote this song near the start of his writing and performing career in Austin, speaking directly of the dangers afforded by his choice of a lifestyle. One song on his 1988 release, “Kicking Up Dust,” foretold the struggles of … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past, 1983 ACTV Academy Awards Edition

As I’ve pointed out for years now, the past just keeps on growing — in more ways than one. Not only do we constantly keep pushing the present into the past, but we’re forever finding forgotten tidbits from days gone … Continue reading

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Songs of Death and Grief — for Victor and all of us

Another old friend died this week, another sad reminder that we are all temporary here. Though not totally unexpected, Victor’s death still caught me off-guard and hit me harder than I was ready to handle. I slipped into a deep … Continue reading

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500 posts — and counting

There’s something about the big numbers. The round numbers, like 500. They automatically demand attention. And there’s something in me that makes me want to make something like this 500th blog entry here on Buller’s Back Porch be Something Special. … Continue reading

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