“The Dark Side of a Dream” — Songs of Will T. Massey

Will T. Massey "Kickin' Up Dust" coverWill wrote this song near the start of his writing and performing career in Austin, speaking directly of the dangers afforded by his choice of a lifestyle. One song on his 1988 release, “Kicking Up Dust,” foretold the struggles of a dedicated singer-songwriter.

I was young & bold,
Sure somehow that I was bound for fame.
I’m alone & cold,
Older now and no one knows my name.
My faith feels used, my songs are blue,
And the rain it is a-fallin’.
My pride is bruised, the bills are due —
I’m a-questioning the calling.
As a dusty old wishing well
Gets the quarter in my jeans,
I’m walking on the dark side of a dream.

Well, it’s an empty bar,
I sing my soul to another lonely barmaid.
And as I pack the guitar, she tells me,
“Don’t feel low, you’ll be packing these places someday.”
If I had a drink for every time
That I heard that promise spoken,
I’d be too drunk to think so I wouldn’t mind
That they’d every one been broken.
As a dusty old wishing well
Gets the dime inside my jeans,
I’m standing on the dark side of a dream.

Well, it’s half past two,
And out in the street, I hear a bum and his guitar.
Yeah, he’s got holes in his shoes
And nothing to eat but he’s screaming he’ll be a star.
God, he’s gone and lost
But he found my fears and he’s putting them to the test.
I turn and toss, I hold my ears,
But he just won’t let me rest.
As a dusty old wishing well
Gets the last cent in my jeans,
I’m falling on the dark side of a dream.

And I’m singing for you
From the dark side of a dream.

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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