Granddad’s Letter to his Mother — 90 Years Ago Today

G.M.C. Family, 1931 — infant Tom in front row

G.M.C. Family, 1931 — infant Tom in front row

My grandfather, G. M. C. Massey, was a family man, devoted to his many children from 2 wives — and, of course, his own birth family, including his mother.

Most of the material in his collected papers was related to pieces of his memoir manuscripts, some of which has been shared here in prior posts.

Another item among the old typewritten pages was this letter, written to his mother, 90 years ago today.


My dear mother: After some time of delay I will try to answer your letter of some time ago.

We have been very busy since we received your letter as we had been planning to put in gas as fuel for some time, and our old stove had just worn out, and We had to buy new ones and we had decided that as we had to make a change any way that we would just put in gas and equip for it and put an end to our fuel trouble. So we have now a new gas range and a water heater, and we have our house piped for hot water and now we have it mighty handy, hot and cold water at the kitchen sink, bath tub, and the wash bowl.

All is over except the paying off of the bills, and that will take a good part of the next year and a half.

Idas got back today from the Army, but he has already signed up for another year, but he will be stationed this time at San Antonio and of course it will not be so bad.

He has now till the 8th of July to report for duty.

We would be glad for you to visit us while he is at home.

We will not get our Vacation till after July the first, so we do not know what we will get to do or really just when we will get off.

WE are all well as usual and we are enjoying our salvation to the fullest extent but it makes my heart bleed to think how people that think they know GOD are treating the word of GOD today.

I have at the present close relations that will not communicate with me concerning the bible or the WORD of GOD, or the plea of salvation as Peter layed it down on the day of Pentecost.

It is a fearful thing for a fellow to fall into the hands of a Just GIOD and be forced to say “Amen” to the judgments of GOD let them be for or against them.

I have not heard from Baston in several weeks now but am looking for him to come home just any time.

Mamma I went to Cow Creek last Sunday and was blessed of the LORD every way that you could look at it.

Sister Echols is at Bangs now helping sister Anna Belle in a meeting at that place, and she thinks that she will probably be there for a week or two, And of course when she is gone I have to see after the work here, and it is a responsibility that I had rather not assume, But it is a sure thing that if the call of GOD is upon a fellow and there is something that he can do and he does not do that thing, that he will have to suffer for it.

So you see that I am trying to keep my skirts clear.

I am still trying to preach at Veribest, and it seems that GOD has begun to bless in a way there, for some of the people that are worshiping there in the other churches tell me that they look forward to my coming there in order to hear the gospel that feeds their souls.

You know that the Gospel is either the savor of life unto life or it is the savor of death unto death.

When JESUS came to the Jews and they refused HIM and HE turned to the Gentiles then HE became a stumbling block to them (the Jews).

School is nearly out and the children are jubilant over the fact and of course that brings more responsibilities, and of course it is a responsibility that we can not afford to shirk.

I am still on the general delivery job, and I am about to become reconciled to it, and will not try to transfer to a rural route that just appeals to me.

Write me soon and tell me all the news as we get awful hungry for reports from the rest of the family.

Pardon me for waiting so long this time and I will try to not wait so long any more.

With much love to all I must quit now and get ready for church, as it is now after 7 Pm. And the service starts at 8 Pm.

I am sincerely your loving son and Brother,


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