“Mama Never Liked Traveling Songs” — Songs of Will T. Massey

Will T. Massey 9-4-89

Will T. Massey, 9-4-89

Will’s mom, Mary Anna, encouraged Will in his musical endeavors and imbued him with a storyteller’s sense of connecting emotionally. She was in the audience for this performance, which I recorded live at his cassette release party for Kickin’ Up Dust at Chicago House, September 9, 1989.

Though this was one of many songs Will more or less abandoned along the way, like so many of his songs — even the early ones — it tells a personal story in a way that resonates universally.

I hit the road when I was young
And the last song I sung
Was a traveling tune for my mom.
Well, the words made her cry
And as I said good-bye,
She dried a tear and turned the porch light on.
Ah, Mama never liked traveling songs.

Yeah, she hated that highway
Ah, but I’d make it up some day.
I was sure to be a star before long.
But the years rolled on up
And I never came back home.
I kept singing and moving along
Oh, Mama never liked traveling songs.

And, then, one day, a letter came
And they said I was to blame.
Mama said she was asking for me.
So, down to my last dime,
I hit the road one last time.
I had to tell her I was so sorry.

As I pulled in, I had a smile,
For after ten thousand miles,
She still had that porch light on.
But my smile disappeared
And my eyes filled with tears
When they told me that Mama was gone.
Ah, Mama never liked traveling songs.

And now I’m home
And Mama’s traveling on.

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