Songs of Will T. Massey — “Long, Lonesome Look”

Will T. MasseyWill’s most recent CD, The Weathering, came out 3 years ago. As usual, while working on recording that collection of songs, he never stopped writing new songs. He played this one that didn’t make the CD at The Weathering release party, accompanied by Mark “GumB” Williams on cello and Mike Meadows on percussion. 

Editor’s note: one line of lyrics eluded my attempts at deciphering, so I left that line in italics.

Where’d I go? Where’d I run to?
This is nothing like it seems.
Where’re you now? I’m still away.
What’d you call…
Did I just stop somewhere, baby?
How can I take all that I took?
My good friend tells me I really want you —
You’re a long, lonesome look.

Where’d you go? Where’d you run to?
Where is this life how it seems?
No one’s going to make you a tunnel but you, babe
Who are all these people in my dreams?
Did you just stop somewhere, baby.
How could you take all that you took?
The truth just changed its mind with you, love —
You’re a long, lonesome look.

Yeah, baby, you’re a long, lonesome look
Baby, you’re a long, lonesome look

Are the best of our lives somewhere, baby?
How could they take all that they took?
I think it was love but there’s a burden
You’re a long, lonesome look.

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