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Farewell to an Old Friend, Debby Kalk

Debby Kalk died a week ago last Sunday. I found out late one night last week, just before going to bed. It hit me quite hard. I suppose part of my delay in writing this is lingering sense of denial … Continue reading

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Going UP with Beat Root Revival

Beat Root Revival, one of our favorite bands from Austin, celebrates the release of their new album, “Up” with an Austin show this evening— but, unfortunately, we won’t be there. I first saw Beat Root Revival —Andrea Magee and Ben … Continue reading

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Facing the Future — Recognizing the Risks

In our brave, new world of tomorrow today, facial recognition is becoming more commonplace. Once the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies, facial recognition software and algorithms identify friends and family in our photos and offers to further tag and identify … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “What Heaven’s Worth”

Another early gem from Will T. Massey, recorded live at his 1989 Chicago House CD release party — never released, unheard in years. Enjoy! My daddy was raised on hand-me-downs, He had to take the long way around. He bought … Continue reading

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Happy John Lennon’s Birthday!

John Lennon, woulda-coulda-shoulda-been 79 years old today — gone too soon, but not before leaving an incredible legacy that will echo eternally. There will be tributes aplenty to the massive contributions he made to modern culture all day long, both … Continue reading

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Autumn & Thoughts on Aging

Nights are turning cool, days are crisper, leaves are changing, and autumn, really just another part of the seasonal cycle, is here to remind us, to warn us, of coming winter. Autumn also brings thoughts of aging, and while next … Continue reading

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Robert Hunter — Beyond the Dead

It’s been a week since Robert Hunter died, a week filled with tributes, retrospectives, memorial concerts, and countless anecdotes shared for the first or 100th time. Most of the hoopla has naturally surrounded his pivotal role in the Grateful Dead. … Continue reading

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