Follow-up on Facial Recognition

Recently, I posted a set of links about facial recognition technology (FRT) and the controversies engendered as it sees wider use in more places. No sooner had I posted that list of links than I saw several related more articles, some pro, some con. IN the interest of keeping conversation going, here are those opposing viewpoints.

Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) image w algorithm

Anti-FRT Articles

Ban Facial recognition technology (FRT) before it’s too late!

We must ban facial recognition in both public and private sectors, before we grow so dependent on it that we accept its inevitable harms as necessary for “progress.” Perhaps over time appropriate policies can be enacted that justify lifting a ban. But we doubt it.

Case for an Outright Ban

Like biological or nuclear weapons, facial recognition poses such a profound threat to the future of humanity and our basic rights that any potential benefits are far outweighed by the inevitable harms.

Pro-FRT Articles

FRT as a Tool to Reduce Racial Profiling

I see FRT as having positive implications that are worth pursuing.  When properly used, biometrics can actually enhance privacy interests and even reduce racial profiling by reducing false arrests and the warrantless “patdowns” allowed by the Supreme Court. Bans not only deny police a technology widely used by businesses, but return police to the highly flawed default of “eye balling” suspects — a system with a considerably higher error rate than top FRT programs.

Protecting Privacy in the Age of FRT

Finally, a word from an old friend directly involved in FRT, Mary Haskett, CEO of Blink Identity — and a devoted civil libertarian concerned about personal privacy matters. Blink is pioneering the use of an opt-in FRT system for entertainment ticketing as a means of giving customers control over their FRT data and its use. :

“A system that is 100 percent transparent and 100 percent voluntary proves that face recognition and privacy are compatible, effective, and worthwhile.”

Like any new and advanced technology, FRT offers both promise and threats to our future. Like most technology, it will be developed and adopted despite concerns and dangers. How it is implemented and used is up to us. I believe being informed is the best defense against any unwanted intrusion.

Stay curious, my friends.

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