Two-fer Tuesday — Music from Iowa & Italy

Today, I’m sharing some of the music in my head from friends in faraway places. As distant as these two sources might be, they share a similar musical tone and songwriting approach. Both are also people I met through my cousin, Will T. Massey.

Dave Ducharme-Jones accompanied Will on guitar for several years, in acoustic and electric settings, as a duo and in a band. Dave produced Will’s most recent recording, The Weathering, in 2016, before Will sank back into the shadows of schizophrenia.

Dave had often performed with his own band, and then, his wife, Annie, started performing with him back when I knew them in Austin. They quickly became a favorite local band we always enjoyed seeing perform. Our friend, Suzanne, could even get Sara up and dancing when Dave & Annie played.

But they left Austin even before we did, moving to Des Moines, Iowa to be closer to family. They have been making quite a mark there since arriving and just released their first album since the move. Here they are performing a song Annie wrote about contemplating that move from their recent release, Vagabonds and Poets.

Since this is partially intended as a promotional plug during the holiday gift-buying season, here’s a link to their website where you can buy Vagabonds & Poets — you won’t regret it!

Edward Abbiati brought Will T. Massey back to Italy in 2006, some 15 years after he had originally toured there and built a passionate fan base. Edward had decided the best way to see the musical acts he liked was to sponsor and produce tour dates himself, so he had begun soliciting Will to come to Italy as soon as he heard he had re-emerged from obscurity.

At the time that Will went back to Italy that first time — he would return again, 2 years later — Edward was only an amateur tour producer, but in the true sense of the word amateur: someone who does something simply for the love of doing it. Additionally, he was just starting out as a musician and performer with a band he formed, Lowlands. He would go on to release several albums with the band as well as other musical partners.

Edward has just recently released a solo album, Beat the Night. Here’s a great sample of his music, again displaying original echoes of Americana like his musical heroes, Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen — and Will T. Massey.

Again, you ought to consider buying Edward’s newest release this holiday gift-buying season, so here’s a link to order Beat the Night.

Full disclosure: I have not yet bought this album. You can either take that as a hint to buy it for me (hint, hint!) or, more likely, a hint that I am about to buy it myself.

Two music videos from two great performers — enjoy!
And then, go buy the albums — support original music!


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