Songs of Will T. Massey — “Long Distance Love”

for Peg Miller

Will's hat tip to Peg & Glynda's Chicago House as printed on the back cover of the Slow Study cassette

On the back cover of “Slow Study”

This song stands apart from the others on Will’s 1989 self-released cassette, Slow Study. Peg Miller, co-owner of the legendary Chicago House with her partner, Glynda Cox, co-wrote this song with Will back in his Chicago House days.  All the other songs on that release were written by Will alone.

He rarely performed this particular song, but it seems appropriate to share it now. This past week, Peg Miller died, returning, I believe, to the side of her beloved Glynda. I was lucky to have known the two of them as friends through Will. They followed my blog from Will’s 2006 return tour in Italy religiously to hear how well he was received. I wish I’d seen Peg more recently but after a lifetime of hosting artists, musicians, and theater crowds, she slowed down considerably as she aged and rarely got out. The last time I saw her, Will & I went to see her at her house for a brief visit.

Producer Lloyd Maines paired Tish Hinohosa with Will for this duet. The whole album sparkles with similarly amazing musicians like Jesse “Guitar” Taylor, Ponty Bone, Paul Pearcy, Roland Denney,  George Ensle, Don Ray,and once again, his sister Julie on background vocals. Glad Peg’s song made the mix — a lovely, forgotten tribute to an amazing person, Peg Miller.

We’re lifestyles apart
We’re inches away
I’m a highway heart
You’re a heart here to stay.
I ambled on home
Drawn by your charms
I’m still alone
Though I’m wrapped in your arms

Long distance love —
So far from you.
Long distance love —
I can’t break through.

When your time is burned
I’m frozen still.
The hands of change turn
I’ve got time to kill.
Together, we
          (Together we)
Can travel through
The highway in me
          (the highway heart)
To the hometown in you.

Long distance love —
So far from you.
Long distance love —
I can’t break through.

Long distance love —
So far from you.
Long distance love —
I can’t break through.

Long distance love —
I can’t break through.

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