Granddad Reflects on Some of Life’s Rewards and Fortunes

"Daddy's Book" box

Box of manuscript pages & scraps labeled “Daddy’s Book”

I’ve told you about inheriting this box of pages, half-pages, and page scraps of memoir manuscripts from my grandfather that my Mom had been trying to edit. She did a marvelous job of pulling together some account os his early life into a lengthy piece, Pappa’s Childhood.

But Granddad had left much, much more. He openly acknowledged that he would write about whatever came to mind as it came to his mind, so we’re left with a number of passages not unlike this one, which starts off talking about the rewards of teaching & preaching, philosophically reflecting upon his life, noting “Time and tide waits for no man…”

You talk about PAY for teaching, or Preaching, I say unto you that when A man or woman in after years come to you and you have pointed them to a higher life, Or a better way, Or a more perfect way; Whether it is in Just a plain life in the natural way or if it has reference to a spiritual way of life the feeling is about the same for I am speaking from experience, as I have found it to be true in either case; It gives you a feeling, that you don’t find anywhere else; unless you have had the HOLY-Ghost; For that gives you a heavenly Feeling that nothing else can duplicate; But the things that I have referred you to is the next thing to it; I believe that I am speaking with authority; For I have been A recipient of all these blessings, And know whereof I speak.

I very well remember that My first Wife’s uncle died and they buried him at the Rock-Hill grave-yard and there it was a solid Rock to dig, and Blast through; and it made the Burial so late that on our way home; We agreed that whichever one of us that died first that the other one would see to it that the first that died would be interred at the Sharp grave-yard; It was in solid clay, Never seepy; and always dry; and solid walls; And that was what caused me to take Her all the way back there (Four hundred miles) to bury her: But I was glad to be able to do that; And have only regretted that I have not been able to have the grace taken care of as I would have if she had been buried here: But when I left her there; I thought that as soon as My contract was out, and over here with the Government on the San Angelo-Sonora rural mail route; That I would be there also; But I have told in another Chapter of the sad way that my contract was terminated; And also of my marriage out here to a lady that was raised here in the west; And of my going into the service of the P.O. Department; Which changed the whole life of your humble writer.

Time and tide waits for no man, And another thing; Once in a lifetime fortune Knocks at a man’s door; And if taken at the flood It leads to fortune; and in some time to fame: But if omitted all the rest of life is bound up in woes, And in miseries; Well that may or maybe not the case; But that is all that I can recall as a reason for all this.

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