Slipping Past 600


I had intended today’s entry to commemorate 600 blog posts here, but, you might say a funny thing happened on the way to the back porch. Last Friday, I published a draft of a piece I’ve been working on “off-stage” for a while. Accidentally published, that is. It was not completed. It was not ready to be published. And then I published it.

See, I had started some behind-the-scenes review and clean-up on the blog as I thought about what to write for the upcoming biggie, #600. Naturally, I started tinkering and making minor corrections and changes as I went along. Good idea, sure — not the best results last Friday.

screenshot: Click "Save draft" button, not "Publish" buttonHere’s how I screwed up: Make a change or correction in a published post and you hit the big blue “Update” button to save these minor changes.

But you have to be careful in making changes to draft posts — and I have over 30 of those on standby for completion — to avoid clicking the similarly positioned big blue “Publish” button. Instead, you want the less conspicuous “Save Draft” button further back up the screen.

And I got that right on all my draft revisions — except one. I didn’t even notice that I did it wrong and published my unfinished piece until I received email notifications about people liking my recent post.

Yikes! what have I done?

Options included: delete the post after saving the content to complete later; revise and complete it now or without additional comment; revise and republish at a later date with or without mentioning this little misstep. But who else am I gonna tell if I don’t tell you: I done fucked up.

It’s funny really, and wholly appropriate to leave as is. I will probably go back and finish out my original thoughts on Johnny Got His Gun that caused me to start that post in the first place, but not now.

No, now we move onward with scarcely a glance in the rear view mirror at the prior posts. It’s all there for anyone to see anyway. If you’re interested in diving into my blog posts over the last 9 years, jump right in. To get you going, here’s a few other numerically noteworthy links:

And here are the top 5 most viewed posts from my first 600.

So, I slid right past my momentous occasion without even noticing, starting the slow trek towards blog post 700, whenever that one may come.

Onward! forever onward through the fog…

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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