More a State of Mind than a Porch

I explained long ago that despite the name of the blog, I rarely actually write it on the back porch itself. The phrasing is intended to describe a state of mind, or perhaps even more accurately, a way of looking at things, almost like a point-of-view. Except that a point of view seems to imply you’re viewing something but my back porch blogging can certainly involve some serious contemplation of nothing.

And that was a full back porch ago. I changed the header photo sometime back to reflect our current back yard in Cañon City, but that’s not really the back porch, either. It’s more of an alcove, and while it can be quite comfortable sometimes, these days I find myself sitting on our front porch far more frequently.

Porch with a View

I sit out there pretty much every morning these days from about 7:30 until 8am, sipping coffee, reading, and letting our dog, Stella, enjoy the front yard in the cool morning. People drive by, stroll by, and bike past our house in a slow and sporadic parade of sorts. Some people are coming and going purposefully, from neighbors leaving for work to the home health nurse visiting the elderly woman across the street daily. Sometimes, Stella gets to visit with a dog walking past and recently, she’s been practicing not barking constantly at every person or dog walking anywhere on her block.

Sara & I try to slip back out there in the evening when it cools off, but recent afternoons have caused us to wait until later each day. Still, we enjoy sitting out there as the sun sets behind the ridge of Hogbacks to our west, brilliantly coloring the clouds as the air cools off. A couple of times, recently we’ve hosted two different neighbor couples for some appropriately distanced front porch visits, something we certainly intend to repeat.

So, not to disappoint you (hard to believe it would) but these days, I’m spending a lot more time on our front porch rather than the back porch. I’m still blogging from that back porch state of mind, though. And it’s not like I’m gonna haul a laptop out to the front porch. It’s far too peaceful & relaxing to go and spoil it with something like that!

Wave if you’re headed past or come in the gate and sit for a spell.


About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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