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College Daze with my Dear, Dead Friend Duane

Again, no disrespect to my friend meant by the phrasing and a quick reassurance to the casual reader — he would most certainly not mind. Anyone who knew Duane had doubtlessly encountered his humor in one way or another, so, … Continue reading

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Earworm Today: “It Goes Like It Goes”

Nothing new or original from me today. Instead, this song and its chorus caught my ear last night and won’t let go. That’s okay, though. I rather like having this earworm run on a loop in my head today. Written … Continue reading

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Stories of my Dear, Dead Friend, Duane

No disrespect intended — and I’m sure Duane doesn’t mind. No, Duane would be far more upset and feel truly disrespected were I to start off with a different phrase, the tease that was pretty much guaranteed to send him … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “Playing Hurt”

One of the songs Will recorded solo and posted on Soundcloud (see also “Little Boom Tonight“), written in his “back to the ranch” phase when he returned to West Texas for a while after living in Austin for years. As … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Stella!

My sweet doggie, Stella, the star of the show in so many ways, turns 2 years old today. She may not notice or know it’s her birthday but she sure enjoyed the extra meatball treats she got with breakfast and … Continue reading

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Found fragments: stray poem

I’m a pack rat. I save way too many things. Sometimes, I look at some of what has been saved. Sometimes, what I see again for the first time after a long time grabs my attention. So, sometimes, I share … Continue reading

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Back to the Future, Now Long Gone — Part 2

Previously: It was the best of science. It was the worst of science… After enjoying an initial wave of euphoric commentary, Biosphere was battered with skeptics speaking out, especially scientists, wary of the project team’s qualifications  — specifically their lack … Continue reading

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Back to the Future, Now Long Since Gone — Biosphere 2

It was the best of science. It was the worst of science. Emerging at the end of the 80’s as an experimental approach to building the future, Biosphere 2 burst on the scene as a full-blown phenomenon, an ambitious adventure … Continue reading

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Granddad’s 1961 Letter to Senator Ralph Yarborough

My grandfather, G. M. C. Massey, worked for the post office for 30 years before he retired. Excluded from Social Security, federal employees of the time depended upon various governmental retirement systems. At age 81, Granddad contacted a U.S. Senator … Continue reading

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Burn, Zozobra, Burn!

How did I not know of this tradition until this week? On the other hand, what better year than 2020 to first learn about Zozobra? This “news” reached me just in time to watch the Fire Spirit consume  & destroy … Continue reading

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