Happy Birthday, Stella!

Stella as a puppy

Stella as a pup

My sweet doggie, Stella, the star of the show in so many ways, turns 2 years old today. She may not notice or know it’s her birthday but she sure enjoyed the extra meatball treats she got with breakfast and the bonus rib bone afterwards.

I haven’t written much about Stella since she was about the day she joined our family, back in November 2018.  Certainly, I haven’t written a lot compared to say, all my tales about Brutus — but you gotta remember, I didn’t write about Brutus while he was alive and adventuring. I was too busy trying to keep him out of trouble or get him out of whatever trouble he already gotten into.

Life comes first — stories come later. Stella is still writing her stories with us. Stella certainly has given us some great stories already, but mostly she’s giving us daily delight from morning to night. She takes me out for a walk just about every day, weather — and my own laziness — permitting.

Mostly, she’s been growing. Nonstop. Bigger than any dog I ever owned before. Certainly bigger than we planned on when we picked her out at the animal shelter. We wanted a medium-sized dog, something about the size of Brutus or Wiley.

I don’t know how much she weighs now since we haven’t been to the vet since spring, but she weighed in at just over 80 pounds then. Pretty sure she’s over a hundred pounds these days. Sure feels like it when she yanks on the leash on those walks.


Still a playful puppy at heart, she really has no idea of how big she is. Her head now hovers above the arm rest of my chair when she walks past. Soon, she will be looking at me at eye level when we’re both sitting. Set something down on the end table by the recliner and that is right at nose level — not recommended for food or food debris. Or anything that even smells like food.

We have told Stella that now that she has turned 2, she must stop growing. That’s what we always heard — that she would stop growing when she turns two. I’ve been watching with hopeful anticipation.

Then, last week, a friend strolled by on the sidewalk and stopped to meet and visit with Stella as she stood up, paws on top of the fence.

“Well, you know,” he told me, “Some dogs keep growing until they’re 3…or even 4…just slower.” Oh, great — two more years growing bigger.

Please, Stella — have mercy!

Meanwhile, happy birthday, puppy!


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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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