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Granddad Reflects on His Years with the Post Office

My grandfather had two careers in his life. First, he was a school teacher for close to twenty years. But he realized that raising a family of 5 children on a teacher’s salary meant he would never save any money. … Continue reading

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Texans, Imported & Exported

Legendary songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker died last Friday after battling throat cancer. He and his music had a huge influence on me, and I considered blogging about that. But so many other people, including fellow musicians and songwriters, already have … Continue reading

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Ode to Dead Clubs

Sad news from my friend Edward in Pavia: Spaziomusica Pavia is closing soon. Literally “Music Space Pavia,” it’s hosted hundreds of performers for many years. I only made it there once, when Will T. Massey played there in 2006, but … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “Brand New Game”

Will never released this song to the public, but he did record it and send it out on a private 5-song CD. This video comes from a rare live performance during his 2007 tour of Italy, recorded at Spaziomusica in … Continue reading

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When Half a Sign is Better than a Whole One

I’ve been thinking about truncated signs. I’m talking about signs that have letters or words or chunks missing, rendering them a bit, uh, altered, in both appearance and meaning. I like to call them “chopt” signs after Austin’s once legendary … Continue reading

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Rivers, Bubbles, and Streams of Literary Echoes

I have always loved The Eighth Day by Thornton Wilder, even citing it sometimes as the one book I would select for a desert isle book due to the way it encompasses multiple books and stories. Add in the richness … Continue reading

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Dear WordPress.Com

Does it LOOK like I wanted a new interface for composing blog entries? Blocks? Modes? Huh? More importantly — WHY? As a Luddite — “high-tech Luddite,” admittedly — suddenly dealing with unexpected interface alterations offering questionable improvements with superfluous “features” … Continue reading

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My Dear Dead Friend, Duane, & the So-Called Real World

What better way to enter the So-Called Real World than to marry your high school sweetheart, right? That’s what Duane did. Cheryl, the girlfriend he had journeyed to Chicago to visit in college daze ended up living with us at … Continue reading

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