Songs of Will T. Massey — “Rock & Roll Blue Eyes”

Will T. Massey

Another song off Will’s private release of 5 songs sent out by CD to close friends and fans sometime between the release of Wayward Lady, U.S.A. (2008) and The Weathering (2016).

Will recorded the song as an acoustic solo piece. This video clip shows the Truett Band performing the love song, featuring Dave Ducharme-Jones, Richard Bowden, Ram Zimmerman, and Melanie Martinez.


There’s a shade of blue
In the stormy skies
And the oceans hue
When hurricanes arise.
It is in a wink
When you go walking by,
Too sexy to ignore —
Rock & roll blue eyes.

Blonde eyelashes made
To favor dark midnight,
Mascara the shade
Of bright blue candlelight.
You, the party girl,
Have tickets rockers prize.
You always call for more —
Rock & roll blue eyes.

We share the neighborhood.
You come by walking to town.
I sit upon my porch,
You put your dark shades down.


When the dreaming’s done,
I could be your love
You could be the one
That I’ve been dreaming of.
When we say hello,
I start to realize
I find myself in your
Rock & roll blue eyes.

Your colors I adore —
Rock & roll blue eyes.


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