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Time Travel Treasure Trove

My old buddy, Marty, just sent a package out of the blue. You can always expect some t-shirts to randomly arrive since Marty’s been making ’em by the thousands for SF Bay Area bands, companies, and events since the late … Continue reading

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3 Livestreams This Weekend

This is a blatant plug for 3 livestreams this weekend that feature some of our favorite musicians, 1 for free, 2 that require payment — that we will gladly pony up for these folks. The fun starts Friday night and … Continue reading

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Farewell to Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The legendary Lawrence Ferlinghetti died yesterday, leaving a legacy of literacy and poetry and, of course, San Francisco’s pioneering City Lights bookstore. Aged 101, he loomed large in the city he loved, and his light shone like a beacon of … Continue reading

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Dangers & Benefits of Laziness

It’s been several days since I last posted anything here. I have the perfect excuse, though — I’m lazy. Lazy enough that this is all you get from me today. “Hard work pays off in time.Laziness pays off immediately.” That’s … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “Always Saying Goodbye”

My cousin, Will T. Massey, performed often at Flipnotics, an Austin coffeehouse with one of the best listening rooms in town. Taking a 10-minute stroll from my house down to Flip’s to hear Will spoiled me. He loved playing there … Continue reading

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Hunkered in the Bunker

We’re already mostly homebound here, both by choice and by continued pandemic safety precautions, but today and tomorrow’s wintry blast is hitting us hard, even here in Cañon City, the Climate Capital of Colorado. We’re warmer (by degrees) than our … Continue reading

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Gran Massey Remembers…

I’ve posted scores of excerpts from my grandfather’s memoirs here, including a lengthy section called “Pappa’s Childhood ” that my mom edited. He wrote so prolifically (sometimes repetitively) about his life, I will be harvesting fragments to share here for … Continue reading

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Daily Doin’s & Dormant Habits

Our prolonged pandemic puts everybody’s daily schedule in semi-permanent shake-up mode. It’s forever Blursday, the 85th of Whenever. Mind you, being retired, that pretty much describes every day for me, and that isn’t even that much of a change from … Continue reading

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In Others’ Words…

From sharing my grandfather’s memoirs to poetry by Vassar Miller and Joanie Whitebird to the lyrics of Will T. Massey, I sometimes lean on the words of others for this blog. Today’s version of that is a series of quotes. … Continue reading

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