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Songs of Will T. Massey — “Homeless Heart”

This song encapsulates the sea-change Will’s music underwent for his major label debut. He recorded a tender, country-tinged heartbreaker version of this tune for his independent cassette release, “Slow Study,” but rocked it out once producer Roy Bittan took him … Continue reading

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Bookman, Pass By

Farewell to Larry McMurtry, a true man of letters and a giant in the field of Texas and western literature. From his first novel, Horseman, Pass By (re-titled “Hud” for the movie, uh, variation) to the legendary Lonesome Dove tales … Continue reading

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News You Can Use — Newsletters of Note

To feed the creative fires, it helps to consume copious quantities of creations from a variety of other sources. One of the easiest ways I have found to unearth really good stuff regularly is to subscribe to email newsletters. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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Another of Young Cade Massey’s Passing Fancies

Just as a young man’s fancy turns to love, an old man’s memories may drift back to his youth and thoughts of the young women he loved, both as passing fancies and deep infatuations. Granddad’s memoirs contain several stories of … Continue reading

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Feets, Don’t Fail Me Now!

I need to go shoe shopping — soon. I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes for probably over two years, at least one full year past when I first noticed the holes were starting in the side and thought … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “That Isn’t Me Any More”

Will has always been about writing the next song and moving on. He is forever facing the future while leaving behind him a long trail of songs, music, and memories. Included on Will’s 2016 release, The Weathering, this song describes … Continue reading

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Day 3 Doodles —Wrapping Up SXSW Edu 2021

Day 3 came & went and SXSW Edu 2021 is done. If we were in Austin, we would have seen the 2 tell-tales sign of SXSW shifting gears to welcome the SXSW Interactive & Film Festivals, which start up the … Continue reading

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Doodling Day 2, SXSW Edu Online 2021

Following my personal Day 2 tradition, I started later and went to fewer sessions. Amazing how quickly conference fatigue can start to slow me down. These doodle notes from yesterday likewise show a little fatigue towards the end of the … Continue reading

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Back in the Doodle Again — SXSW Edu 2021 Online

It’s March — time for SXSW! Of course, 2021 turns out to be 2020 redux so far for large public gatherings. That is — still no live SXSW in Austin. Everything that can be has been moved online to help … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “Highway Hearse”

Released on Slow Study (1989), this song has always remained in Will’s repertoire, unlike some other early tunes. Solo or with a band, this one’s a real rocker — a reality-inspired rocker, according to Will. “It’s not Mark Luke’s fault … Continue reading

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