Back in the Doodle Again — SXSW Edu 2021 Online

It’s March — time for SXSW!

Of course, 2021 turns out to be 2020 redux so far for large public gatherings. That is — still no live SXSW in Austin. Everything that can be has been moved online to help the festival(s) persevere through our pandemic days. It’s better than nothing. SXSW Edu Online is not the same live event that draws thousands of educators together from around the globe, by any means. Still, I am grateful for the recharge I am getting even from the virtual presentations from the “Land of A-Ha’s

So, I’m sitting at my home desk by the window and listening in. Bathrooom and food breaks are easier, but the dog wanting a walk presents a difficult distraction to ignore. Reviving my old practice of taking doodle-notes gives me a bit more focus, but I admittedly out of practice. While not quite like riding a bike, it is coming back gradually. Anyway, for what they are worth, here are some of doodle-notes from the Tuesday sessions I sat in on.

Program descriptions from SXSW Edu Online

Oprah Winfrey & Dr. Bruce Perry in Conversation: “What Happened to You?”

Oprah Winfrey and leading child psychiatrist and neuroscientist Bruce Perry, MD, PhD explore the impact of childhood trauma on who we become, the decisions we make, and how healing must start with one question ‘what happened to you?’ in anticipation of a new co-authored book of the same name.

Winfrey and Dr. Perry focus on understanding how shifting the approach to trauma and allowing understanding of the past allows for an opening of the door to resilience and healing in a proven, powerful way.

Sir Ken Robinson: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Ted Dintersmith
Kate Robinson
Anthony Dunn
Jackie Cooper

This session will focus on the immense impact Sir Ken Robinson has had on education.

It will highlight ways he changed people’s views, and lives. And it will underscore ways we can take his legacy forward with renewed passion and creativity — which is what he would hope all of us will do.

Why Teach Students About Zombies & Superheroes

Christopher Robichaud
Lucy Swedberg

Learn how and why an innovative public policy educator features superheroes and a zombie apocalypse in his teaching. Glean creative ideas and tips for using negotiation exercises, movie screenings, and experiential games to make learning memorable. Get inspired by Patient Zero, a groundbreaking simulation project combining robust learning objectives with a professional-grade media experience to immerse students in learning. Walk away with new ideas to alleviate Zoom fatigue and engage students.

Untold Story Telling

Ashley Coffey
Mike Lang
Terri Cullen

The thriving black community of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma lost everything on May 31, 1921. The Tulsa Race massacre is an exemplar of what happens when people cannot tell their stories. The events were not spoken of nor taught widely in classrooms for 100 years. We will share their story, and promote storytelling as vital human experience which can be taught to all grade levels with (XR(AR/VR), video) or without technology (art, writing).

How Skills & LER Are Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Alex Kaplan
Darin Hobbs
Kacey Thorne
Ricardo Torres

Imagine a day when employers are able to seamlessly match skilled talent with opportunity & learners gain immediate return on their educational investment by earning workforce relevant skills on their way to degree & every individual is empowered with career and educational pathway insights to pursue their next best opportunity. This day is now, and it is enabled through the power of skills and the Learning and Employment Record.

More than a Subject: Civics, Teens, & Storytelling

Elis Estrada
Nairobi Williese Barnes
Alyssa Bardugan
Mick Southwick

Young people in America engaged in democracy in new and innovative ways during the 2020 election. When the coronavirus pandemic forced everyone to rethink civic engagement for our country’s youngest voters, Gen Z sprung into action and found new means through social media and media making. Attendees will hear from teens about how student-driven initiatives helped them make sense of the elections and learn how to rethink civics education through programs like PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs.


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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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