Day 3 Doodles —Wrapping Up SXSW Edu 2021

Day 3 came & went and SXSW Edu 2021 is done.

If we were in Austin, we would have seen the 2 tell-tales sign of SXSW shifting gears to welcome the SXSW Interactive & Film Festivals, which start up the day after we finish. Suddenly, several food trucks show up around the Convention Center. For the mostly ignored baby sister Edu Conference, we’re lucky to get even one. Secondly, they start stocking beer &wine at the concession stands inside the Convention Center. Apparently, educators are expected to go drink in the bars.

I sure did miss the closing party yesterday afternoon with tacos and beer with friends and strangers alike. It just seems wrong not to be in Austin right now, relaxing the day after the festival.

Meanwhile, here’s my doodles from the final day — fewer than the day before. Go figure. Even viewing from afar while sitting at home, conference fatigue sets in.

Beyond the Buzz: Gamification for Adult Learners

Lori Pickel
Jessie Harris

Find yourself wondering, why all the fuss over gamification? We’re here to help you sift through the buzzwords and use gamification mechanics in a way that drives towards and never distracts from learning.

In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll review several popular game mechanics, and you’ll get the chance to play, design with, and apply them to real challenges your adult learners are facing. Throughout, we’ll share examples from industry and higher ed.

Creating Curricular Partnerships: Nine Muses Lab

Bryce Dallas Howard
Rachel Friedman

A panel with the creators of the Nine Muses Lab, a course at NYU for multi-hyphenate students about what it takes to “make it” and master their craft. Each panelist will share the unique opportunities this curricular partnership presents as a professional artist, education institution, and student.

The Lab model adapts to reflect the practice of the artist-teacher’s work, the expertise of the students, and the shifting entertainment landscape — an applicable model to any educational setting.

Getting Back to Work: Upskilling & Retooling

Julian Alvarez
Courtney Arbour
Desi Holmes

Challenged with upskilling and connecting two million unemployed workers to in demand careers during the pandemic and providing services to support those workers, Texas Workforce was forced to rethink service delivery and training. Strategic out of the box thinking helped workers upskill or reskill into new in demand jobs and helped businesses retool to connect to new markets. Learn about the strategies put in place during the pandemic that helped to sustain the Texas economy.

Another one for the books, educator friends and fans of learning.
Next year in Austin again!

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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