Feets, Don’t Fail Me Now!

I need to go shoe shopping — soon.

I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes for probably over two years, at least one full year past when I first noticed the holes were starting in the side and thought to myself, “I should replace these.”

That’s when I bought a similar pair of sneakers. The problem was, the replacement shoes were “wide” — but not “double-wide,’ which really helps with my fat, flat feet. Within a week, the new shoes were causing issues, wearing a sore on the big bunion on my left foot, but was also starting to rub up a new one for me on my right foot.

So, I spoke to a podiatrist and we ordered some orthopedic shoes for me. Those were great — except for the flap closures. Those were ridiculously long, looking rather like wings sprouting off the side of the shoe when in place. I don’t mind silly shoes, but these flaps were so poorly designed the hook and loop sections did not overlap for more than about a quarter-inch. That meant they hardly stayed fastened at all, and I would have to stop every 2 blocks or so to re-fasten them.

I had to try some sort of adjustment, so I added some little velcro dots and patches on the closures. Those almost worked. Almost. Now I only had to re-fasten them every 4 blocks or so. But in the end, the whole thing was too ridiculous to deal with and those flaps never would stay shut. That not only meant that the shoes needed to be refastened and tightened almost constantly, but that my feet were sliding within the shoe as I walked, no good whatsoever for my feet.

That’s when I put the beat-up old shoes back on again — a year ago. Like I said, I probably ought to go shoe shopping soon.

About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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