Granddad Recalls Ardmore, Oklahoma and Surroundings, 1959

G.M.C. Massey

My grandfather, G. M. C. Massey, wrote of some his travels through the years. Early journeys involved wagons, buggies, and horses. Even as automobiles began to be used more widely as transportation, road conditions tended to play large in his stories, especially his troubles with rain and muddy roads delivering the Star Route mail on contract.

This is a quick description he left regarding a 1959 visit to Ardmore, Oklahoma and some of the roads nearby.

While my Son Idas P. Massey was serving in the Armed Forces, and was stationed at Ardmore with the Air Force last year, and the year before; We visited him, And he took us to see part of the country; And there are very many beautiful scenic places, and now they have a very good system of highways there, and one of the best views that I had was from the height of the Highway where the road from Ardmore to Oklahoma City crosses the Arbuckle Mountains; And at Hair-pin curve it was very dangerous looking when you turn down the mountain from the hairpin curve Going north from Ardmore.

And the park at the next city going north, was very nice to behold; And the farms; and the ranches going south from that park; and on to the Lake that was formed by the back waters of the lake Texhoma at Denison, Texas Was very fascinating; and I enjoyed the scenery; and the pleasant green verdant growth, that greeted our view.

See we were there in March of 1959, and there had been such good rains that everything that was in the ground was leafed out at its best.

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