Granddad & the Mystery of the Missing Money (Part 1)

G.M.C. Massey walking on sidewalk

In his memoirs, my grandfather, G. M. C. Massey, wrote of having several vocations during his life. After close to twenty years teaching and as a rural superintendent, he came to realize he would never earn enough to comfortably support his family of 5 children on a educator’s salary.

So, he bid on a Star Route contract to provide rural mail service outside of San Angelo. The first year did not go well for him between record amounts of rain washing out the dirt roads they used and the occasional dissatisfied customer, as related recently.

Here is a lengthier tale of trying to resolve an issue involving an angry customer’s missing $75.

Then another man that ran a store on the road down there near El Dorado; that was always using the mailcar for his convenience; one day gave one of the drivers several letters to mail; and that was right; it was our business to pick up mail for anybody along the line, and to mail it for them; And several days later he jumped the driver, and told him of that day; and he remembered it; And the old man told him that, one of those letters had $75.00 in it and was addressed to the First national Bank, And that the Bank never received it; and that He wanted to know WHY?

And of course they boy didn’t know; For he was as innocent of anything wrong, in this case, as one that never had seen it; But he was accused of stealing that money, and the boy made every search of the car, and everything that he thought would help him to correct the situation; But to no avail; And the Boy had never broke the news to me: So one day I was out there on the route, and the man told me about it, and he was so mad that he looked BLUE, And said that he was going to get it out of that BOY’s hide if he didn’t get him up that money.

After he had had his way; I asked him if he was through; and he said that he was not going to be through till he got his money back.

Then I asked him to give me a chance to clear the thing up; For I knew that, that boy was honest; and that I thought that a little time and patience would unravel the thing, and leave no scars, and that there would no bloodshed.

Well after some arguing, and bickering around, we got things quelled down till I went on with the mail; and when I got back home, I jumped the boy out with the information that I had; and he broke down; and told me that he was trying to get that thing straightened out without me knowing all about it.

And I told him that if he was not guilty of stealing that money; and would cooperate with me that I thought that the thing would be straightened out. And he said that He believed that the man never mailed that letter, and that it was still right there in his building some where; Or that the clerk at the bank had done some snitching.

I asked him what car was he in that day? And he said that he was in the Cadillac pick up or Truck; and I asked him if he mailed the letters at Christoval; Or if he brought them on to San Angelo? And he said that he always mailed the mail at the first Office that he reached after picking it up; and in this case; he had mailed it at Christoval. Then I asked him just how did he secure the mail till he reached the first Office? And he said that he just laid the mail beside him in the seat of the car. Right then I thought that I could see the solution of the matter.

Granddad & the Mystery of the Missing Money to be concluded in Part 2.

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