Songs of Will T. Massey — “The Bravery to Weep”

This song from Will’s eponymous debut album on MCA shows his mastery of stunning imagery and phrasing to explore intensely personal issues — like most of Will’s songs throughout his career.

I usually prefer to share Will’s songs here via videos, but only have audio recordings for some. This time, I chose to feature the original studio version but also link to 4 live performances found online.

Your world keeps turning around
So you jump back on your feet
If you hit the ground.
‘Cause your time is your money.
Your money is your god,
You hide your bruises, honey,
Behind your watch.
And you run through your life,
You barely find time to sleep,
Much less the bravery to weep.

Everyone’s asking
Where you going and when,
So, you’re laughing and passing
The pain of where you’ve been.
Yeah, you pack up your past
Put your memories on a train —
They ride a circular track, darling,
They’ll be back again.
Just when you’re sure 
Of that smile,
Just when you expect it least,
They’ll come looking
For the bravery to weep.

Have you forgotten the story of your life?
Or maybe you just skipped a chapter or two?
While the plot is thickening, 
Your pace on the page is quickening,
You gotta stop,
Check that “Chapter in Review”
Or baby that plot can turn on you.

I had a dream
I saw a bonfire,
As more of us gathered,
The flames grew higher
And our breath froze in the air
For it was hopelessly cold,
So, we all took our burdens
Lay them on the coals…
And the light filled the night
And we huddled by the heat —
We were warm
With the bravery to weep.

The light filled the night
And we huddled by the heat —
And we were warm
With the bravery to weep.

Other recordings:

SpazioMusica 2007
with Roberto Diana (acoustic guitar) and Chiara Giacobbe (violin)

Botticelli’s (10-9-09)
with Richard Bowden (violin) and Mark “GumB” Williams (cello)

Strange Brew (2013)
with the Truett Band: Dave Ducharme-Jones (guitar), Ram Zimmerman (drums), and Melanie Martinez (bass)

Flipnotics (2013)
with Dave Ducharme-Jones

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