Good News — New Shoes!

Granny would be proud. When I was about to hit the road post-college, she only gave one bit of lifelong advice:

“Don’t keep wearing your shoes until they have holes in them because if you’re ever on a sinking ship and the only thing you have to bale it out with is your shoes and your shoes have holes in them — you’re done for.”

Thank you, Granny, for what is certainly the most memorable advice anyone ever gave me.

I have needed new shoes for well over a year now after tiny holes appeared in the sides. Good thing I wasn’t on any ships, much less any sinking ones. Still, I remembered Granny’s words and they worried me as the holes in the shoes grew bigger with continued use.

I did try to replace them twice. That first new pair I tried turned out to be “wide” rather than “extra-wide” like I really need. I figured it wouldn’t matter that much. I was wrong. Within a week, the new shoes had irritated the bunion on my left foot so badly I was limping around the house, barely able to walk. I switched back to the “Old Hole-y” pair.

Then, I ordered some orthopedic shoes through my podiatrist’s office. Those fit great and felt wonderful. Except that the velcro closure straps were insanely long and had less than a quarter-inch overlap where they fastened. They were always coming loose. I couldn’t walk a block and a half without having to re-fasten one or the other. And the rest of each strap stuck out from the shoes like some weird kind of wing. I tried various ways of adding velcro closure dots, etc., but had to give up on those as well.

Back to “Old Reliable.” After those two flubbed replacement attempts last year, I decided to just wear that pair for as long as I could. Not only did they still work fine for my daily dog walks, but they actually became more comfortable over the months as even more holes appeared in them.

Just stay away from sinking ships, I reminded myself.

But last week, one of the laces finally ripped through the top loophole. While I was able to fix “Old Faithful” for a few more walks, I knew it was time to replace them.

new shoesMeet the new shoes!
Road-tested as of today and ready to roll. To paraphrase (or, butcher) the old Who song, “Tattoo”:

Welcome to my life, new shoes!
We’ll walk many miles together, me & you.”

Safe again, Granny!

About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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