Granddad’s Confession

G.M.C. "Cade" Massey

G.M.C. “Cade” Massey

My grandfather, G. M. C. Massey, spent close to 20 years teaching all over rural Texas, ranging small towns near his east Texas home in Yantis to Asherton in southwest Texas as well as numerous other locales across the state.

He earned a reputation as a disciplinarian which gave him no end of opportunities. Here, he explains why he turned one down.

I’m going to re-hash a little if you don’t mind.

There may be some that wonders about my turning down the Offer of the chair of mathematics in the Snyder High School; Well it’s a little embarrassing; But I fear that someone gets the wrong interpretation of the thing I will tell you confidentially just what was the matter:— You see I had never gone to College; and didn’t have the advantage of the training in Higher mathematics; And I didn’t want it to happen to me after all that had transpired that I was caught between a rock, And a hard place; And I was too timid to acknowledge the facts; And I let it go at that, And missed a good job.

But I’ve felt good about it ever since when I think of it; For I missed the misery that I would have suffered trying to cover up; because I knew that I had never had the instruction in Higher Mathematics; that I ought to have had to take a position in a HIGH SCHOOL where my ability might be questioned; That is what I questioned; But no one else ever questioned it as far as I know.

My personality; and my manner of placing myself before the public, always belied the papers that I carried; for I had dug out what I knew; and it was apparent from my work that I was able far beyond what my license showed me to be.

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  1. daughterofzeus says:

    What a wise man!

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