SXSW Edu PanelPicker™ — This Year’s Edition

Panel-Picking time again for next year’s SXSW Edu Conference!

SXSW Edu is the “stepchild” of the massive South by Southwest (SXSW) conferences. Whereas the triple-threat package of SXSW Music, Film, and Interactive Festivals bring hundreds of thousands of attendees, our gathering of educators only draws about 10,000 annually. Now, anywhere else, any other time, thousands of educators gathered together might be noticed — but not in the week leading up to the March madness that is SXSW in Austin.

You might remember back when I last wrote from Austin about SXSW Edu — just as it was cancelled in 2020 the day after we arrived in town due to the onset of the COVID pandemic. All SXSW conferences and festivals missed 2 years running as in-person events, instead substituting a number of virtual offerings again this year. But now, despite continuing concerns over the resurgence of COVID, everyone harbors high hopes for a return to a full set of in-person conferences next spring.

As part of the preparation for such an event, hundreds of educators, ed tech innovators and entrepreneurs, students, and others submit presentation proposals for the annual gathering of thousands of educators. Only a fraction of the proposals can be accepted.

SXSW Edu PanelPicker2022With well over a thousand proposals submitted each year, SXSW Edu uses the PanelPicker™, a crowd-sourced process to determine the final programming lineup. The process gathers input from 3 distinct audience groups: the SXSW Advisory Board, SXSW Edu staff, and the general public. Members of the Advisory Board, such as myself, evaluate proposals in-depth, voting yes or no and offering suggestions for improvement. The SXSW Edu staff likewise weigh in with their opinions, adding their unique perspective.

But the general public provides 30% of the input for the PanelPicker™ process — and they do mean “public.” Anyone can register for a free account and vote for any and all proposed presentations. That means you!

Please consider spending some time checking out some submissions and offering an opinion on the PanelPicker™. Registration is free, so consider it free entertainment — potentially hours it! As an added bonus, you can review proposals for the Big 3 SXSW conferences from the same link. Again — free entertainment, with hundreds of proposals you can check out from now until August 26.

Unlike past years, I did not submit a proposal this time, so this announcement is primarily a plug for public participation in selecting presentations for next spring’s conference, not a personal promo campaign. But since I have to evaluate a number of proposals as a member of the Advisory Board, I will likely update you later on how the process is going as well as sharing innovative proposals I might run across.

SXSW Edu 2022 — March 7,10, 2022, Austin, Texas

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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