Granddad’s Summer Vacation, 1925

G.M.C. "Cade" Massey

G.M.C. “Cade” Massey

With a new school year starting up, many students across the country kick off their return to classes with reports of “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

Here’s Granddad’s account of his vacation 1925.

I remember in the year 1925 when I took my vacation I had passed it up the year before; and had the first vacation of that year; So I had two vacations together, and that gave me over a month; and as we hadn’t had a trip back to see the folks at Yantis; and Upshur County for several years; and we too owed the people of the south Plains a visit; And therefore we had an extended vacational trip;

And on starting out I remember that I had one tire that was on the front that was worn down to the tread; and I went in and bought me a new tire; But decided that WE would just use the old one as long as it would last; And I swung the new tire; on the side of the car till I would have to have it; and we kept up with our mileage; and we made the entire trip of over 2400 miles without even a flat in that wornout tire; or in any other tire as to that; and I would have expected a flat in it at anytime; But as I had a new tire, and tube swinging there on the side of the car; I felt secure, And didn’t mind if I did have a flat as for that matter.

When my brother-in-law had a good portion of the middle Concho River under Lease for grazing; He gave us permission to go there as we wished to camp, Hunt, and go fish at any time that we wished; So we had a place that we might go for an outing at our will; and that being the case; we went there any holliday that I had at the P.O. and on vacation either; and at my days off of duty; So that really gave us a play ground, and a run-a-round for any occasion; and we used it; that (road was) as long as he kept the lease; But as the saying goes “There is an end to all good things.”

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