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Songs of Will T. Massey — “Send Up the Smoke”

Will’s 1991 debut album MCA burst hot out of the chutes, ready to rock & roll. After 3 independent cassette releases showcasing his songwriting and country roots, Will went into the studio with E-Street Band veteran Roy Bittan producing a … Continue reading

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What SHE Said

Wrapping up my recent blog post relying on quotes, I realized I had inadvertently quoted only men. Realizing how foolish that was but also realizing women deserved their own separate post of quotes, I went ahead and posted “Enfolded in … Continue reading

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‘The days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations,I have really good days.” — Ray Wylie Hubbard Happy Thanksgiving! Wherever you are and whatever your circumstances today in 2021, I wish you well and hope you find some … Continue reading

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Walking in the Long Shadow of Grief

“There’s a hole in the middle of the prettiest life…” “For Real,” Bob Franke The long shadow of grief seems to have become a constant companion to me these days, a shadow dogging me that I don’t see in the … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “The Moon’s Got the Blues Tonight”

One of the hidden treasures recently unearthed in recordings of some of Will’s live shows at Flipnotics, captured by George Fremin. I don’t recall hearing this one, but I like the catchy tune and imagery. As his patron, Ranger Rita, … Continue reading

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Hazy Memories of Dillo Daze, 50 Years On

A baggie of pot sat on the floor just a few feet away. Someone dropped it, I figured, looking around to see if anyone else spotted it yet. No, and the baggie was kinda of perched precariously in the walkway … Continue reading

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Enfolded in Purple

“He wrapped himself in quotations — as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.” — Rudyard Kipling I, Emperor Alan, aka the Lazy Blogger, declare a day of wisdom. Or at least a blog post of quotes … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “You Take the Town”

Another instant classic from Will’s 1991 MCA album, a heartfelt song about a common human experience: heartbreak. In introducing the song many years — and more than a few heartbreaks — later, Will dedicated it to fellow heartbroken lovers: “This … Continue reading

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Twofer Tuesday: Dan Roam & Ben Jones

This week promises two exciting events I want to share with you here. The Pop-Up Pitch: The Two-Hour Creative Sprint to the Most Persuasive Presentation of Your Life Dan Roam, author of “Back of the Napkin” and several other modern … Continue reading

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Sundown on our Front Porch Evenings

Although this blog is titled “Buller’s Back Porch,” I’ve already confessed that we generally spend much more time on the front porch than the back one. That has been especially true through the summer evenings, when Sara & I sometimes … Continue reading

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