Songs of Will T. Massey — “The Moon’s Got the Blues Tonight”

One of the hidden treasures recently unearthed in recordings of some of Will’s live shows at Flipnotics, captured by George Fremin.

I don’t recall hearing this one, but I like the catchy tune and imagery.

As his patron, Ranger Rita, once said, “Will’s thrown away more great songs than most singers ever write.”  

I passed the hour of a heartache,
My baby’s gone outside.
It’s more than his old heart can take —
The moon’s got the blues tonight.

Down by the river, he was so proud,
I watched him smiling as you held me tight.
Now he’s dodging those dark clouds—
The moon’s got the blues tonight.

Cupid fell in love and retired.
When he resigned, the moon got hired.
He meant well but the job was new —
He cast a crooked spell on me and you.

He’s feeling guilty ‘cause you broke my heart.
We’re old friends, he’ll try to treat me right.
He says we ought to make a new start —
The moon’s got the blues tonight.

He’s calling Cupid up to aim at you.
Tho we’re apart, we’re both still in his sight.
Cupid told him that his bow’s too blue —
The moon’s got the blues tonight.

The sun told him that’s he just too pretty
To be alone in this lonesome city.
He said he’s shining on your silky skin
Just hold her now and I’ll touch you again.

The moon’s been busy cooking up a spell.
He’s filling our hearts with a loving light.
But you just think that it’s a fond farewell —
The moon’s got the blues tonight.

You found someone new.
There’s nothing to do.
The moon’s got the blues tonight.

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