Short Shot of Shawn Colvin

“If there were no music,
Then I could not get through…”

An Evening with Shawn Colvin, Marc Cohn, and Sara Watkins

We’re headed up to Colorado Springs today to see Shawn Colvin in concert tonight.  Several years ago, she admitted she preferred sharing a stage with another singer-songwriter over solo concerts. We’ve seen her swap songs & stories onstage with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Steve Earle at different times back in Austin, and those shows were great. Tonight, she’ll be playing with Marc Cohn and Sara Watkins (who replaces originally scheduled Mary Chapin Carpenter, who had to pull out of the tour).

In truth, we’ve been spoiled in the past. Not only did we see her play solo at the Kerrville Folk Festival back in 1990, just as her solo career took off, but we saw her not long afterwards at the Cactus Cafe, an intimate setting where, again, she played solo, this time not more than 30 feet from us.

Then, shortly after we left Austin — “The Live Music Capital of the World” — where we had gotten spoiled by the constant availability of great music, we got to see her in another intimate setting, The Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, near Palmer Lake. There, we’d paid extra to secure seating in the first 5 rows. In fact, we landed in the front row and were even closer to the stage than we’d been so long ago at the Cactus. Another fun surprise was spotting two Austin musicians I know in her band, both Glenn Fukunaga on bass and Mike Meadows on drums. Add Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams as the opening act AND part of the band, and we had us a time — as you can see in this video!

Shawn Colvin with Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams,
Mike Ramos, Glenn Fukunaga, and Mike Meadows

We won’t be nearly as close to the stage tonight. That’s okay. We’ll be in the house and we’ll be in the audience. And Shawn will be playing & singing some of her songs.

Oh — and she is also releasing a recording from one of her quarantine livestreams on Bandcamp, so best get on over there and grab that tomorrow when it becomes available. Never can have too much Shawn Colvin!!

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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2 Responses to Short Shot of Shawn Colvin

  1. Kevin Dubose says:

    One of my most-sorry-I-missed tours was one Shawn did a few years ago with Emmylou and Patti Grffin, joined by Buddy Miller who has produced, accompanied, and sung with all three. The tour was called something like “Three Girls and Their Buddy.”

  2. Suzanne W. Vignaud says:

    I’m so glad you and Sarah are still finding live music within your reach and what a treat to see Shawn!

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