Songs of Will T. Massey — “Once Upon Forever”

Will T. Massey on porchAnother song from Will’s 2016 release, The Weathering. I had heard him play some of the songs before, but this was a new one that didn’t catch my ear quickly.

But I knew Will never included anything by accident. I’d watched him labor over each evening’s set list on the 2006 tour in Italy, choosing just the right songs and putting them in just the right order for that night.

So, I listened closer and realized that, like every song on the CD, this one fits perfectly in place to complete the picture.

I could see the lights from the corner bar,
Walking down the street, underneath the stars —
December was warmer than it should have been.
I saw you pull in with a regular’s flair.
I checked my cash and messed with my hair —
You were alone and I felt like gambling.

My hands in my long, black coat,
Time was tethered.
Your scarf in the wind drowns you
Once upon forever.

I can see the lights from that corner bar,
As I walk down the street, clouds catch the stars —
It’s been two years of laughter that I’ll miss.
Waiting on whiskey, I glance to the fridge,
There’s a bar pic of you that the bartender digs.
He follows my eyes and says, “You wish you had a wish.”

And I hear the owner say,
“Nobody writes letters.”
You tell me everything
Once upon forever.

It’s funny the hand,
Hands and the dominoes fall better —
You caught on my eye, baby,
Once upon forever…


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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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