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Songs of Will T. Massey — “Old Petal Beneath the Night”

Will record his first two independent cassette releases, Pickin’ Poker and Pick-Up Trucks and Kickin’ Up Dust, at Tony Young’s recording studio in Christoval. The pair reunited in 2001 when Tony was working at a program at the Hill Country … Continue reading

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Snow Day? No Way!

For over a week, I’d been keeping an eye on yesterday’s weather forecast that showed snowfall lasting all day long, Time to hunker in the bunker — snow day! That’s not what happened. Oh, sure, we started seeing some flurries … Continue reading

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Resurrecting my Record Collection

My son gave me a turntable for Christmas. It took me until this past week to set it up, as I had to clear space in my cluttered room for a table to hold it. I also needed to see … Continue reading

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Double Dark Stars of Grief & Anger

I wrote about grief back in November as the winter holidays loomed large because I know holidays can be hard for anyone who has suffered loss. If a particular holiday is associated with that loss, that holiday will always be … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “A Heartbreak Away”

Hard to believe it’s been six years since Will’s last official CD release, The Weathering. I suppose we’re lucky he managed to finish that effort, given he was starting to fade back into the fog of schizophrenia again. This was … Continue reading

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Hard Winter for Granddad

Born in 1880, my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, wrote memoirs describing his life in Texas. The winter of 1918-1919 saw him facing new hardships in San Angelo after he moved his family there to take a Star Mail contract. His first … Continue reading

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A Voice of Reason on Our (Ripped) Social Fabric

The debacle in D.C. a year ago today was not the first sign of rips in our social fabric. We Americans love to disagree and squabble. It’s what we do. But usually, we pull together and move on. More recently, … Continue reading

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Please Bear with My Half-Hibernation

Winter makes me sluggish. My inner bear surfaces briefly enough to yawn, scratch my belly, and lie down again. Blog posts become more intermittent, frequently appearing less frequently. We ended last year here in Cañon City with a lovely snowfall … Continue reading

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