Songs of Will T. Massey — “Always Working”

Will played this tune regularly for several years but never recorded or released it — like a number of other songs he wrote during that time.

He was performing frequently and trying out new material, perfecting songs, and eventually recorded a number of live shows at Flipnotics. Those recordings remain unreleased, something I would like to change. These songs and those shows deserve wider circulation.

I’m lying on the couch to steady my nerves
There’s a brave road ahead, full of curves,
My self and team* is coming along
I write for the money that trickles in,
I write for the love of it now and then,
I’m high in the moment,
I find a pen and belong.
Work’s in the bars,
Work’s in the cars,
Work’s on guitars —
I’m always working.
I wait for the song,
It won’t be long,
My monitor’s on —
I’m always working.

I stop in the moment and I’m in a clean home.
Roll with the feel*, old homeless bones,
The phone rings, it’s an angel of a show.
I do the dishes and the demons fade away,
I send a prayer back to yesterday,
I heal a little bit with a Lone Star for the road.
I work on my plans,
I just want to last,
I’m fading fast —
I’m always working.
Touch the world,
Kiss my girl,
Make a pearl —
I’m always working.

I can’t play that date, I’m all booked up.
It’s an evening with a coffee cup,
A computer runs my life, pretty straight.
I’ve got emails since I’ve been off-line
That I have to answer when I find the time.
I’m haunted by communications running me.

I love you, too,
To the world I knew
And the one that’s new —
I’m always working.
There’s work for a song
To truly belong
I won’t write it wrong —
I’m always working.
Gotta bring out the best
And throw out the rest,
Prepare for the test —
I’m always working.

It’s the strangest connection
In the face of rejection
And a new direction —
I’m always working.

*italicized text used for unclear lyrics

Mark GumB Williams (bass), Kim Deschamps (pedal steel), Richard Bowden (fiddle)

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  1. Would love to see and hear the recorded shows from Flipnotics!

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