Left for Dead

Dead & Company "stealie" logoDead & Company, that is.

Yes, I’ve left my rural hideaway in southern Colorado and am scooting northward to Boulder today with my buddies, Albert and Shawn, to catch two Dead & Company shows at Folsom Field tonight & tomorrow night, along with thousands of our friends — most of whom we’ve never met.

Deadheads are like that.

It’s been 3 years since the last live shows at Folsom Field. Dead & Company did have to hide out and hunker down like the rest of us when the pandemic hit in 2020.  Last year did see them get out on tour, and I even managed to catch one of only two shows last fall that they’ve played at Red Rocks so far.

But there’s nothing quite like a Boulder show.

After tour dates were announced this spring and ticket sales started, there was a sudden rumor that this was going to be the final Dead & Company tour. After all, Bob Weir also plays & tours with his Wolf Brothers compadres, Mickey Hart has been gearing up Plant Drum again, and certainly John Mayer doesn’t lack for performance opportunities as a star in his own right.

But Bob Weir quickly put the kibosh on the bad news. No sooner had word spread than he responded online, simply saying “News to me.” Many fans have speculated that it was an attempt to boost ticket sales, as the shows are not selling out. It’s increasingly hard to tell with the “dynamic pricing” algorithm behind most ticket sales these days.

Anyway, we’re on the road and I intend to leave my other concerns at home.

Here for your enjoyment is the opening song from the tour’s opener last Saturday.

“Get in the groove and let the good times roll.
We’re gonna stay here till we free our souls,
If it takes all night long!”

Enjoy — I know I will!


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