Songs of Will T. Massey — “I Can See Heaven from Here”

One of the many songs Will performed often for several years, starting in 2010, but never got around to recording or releasing.

I’ve posted several videos of Will playing this song, both with an acoustic trio and with a full band. I decided to embed my earliest version here, played at a slightly slower pace. I enjoy how the plaintive sounds of fiddle and pedal steel add to the haunting quality of the tune itself.

They say something’s wrong with my brain.
I see dead people coming across the plains.
Some of them are evil
And some of them are good.
They huddle ‘round my campfire
As I add more wood.

I can see Heaven from here.
I know the end is always near,
You are an omen I hold dear —
I can see Heaven from here.

An angel comes around them,
A mesquite tree,
Says, “One of you boys hung here —
Come along with me.”
You’re just like that angel
And I’m just like that tree.
You call my ghosts away
And bring the rain to me.

I can see Heaven from here
Falling in love like a tear,
To your lips upon my ear
I can see Heaven from here.

Lord, I’d love a full lifetime.
I am halfway gone —
Maybe may we see distant years,
And what about beyond?
The dust has settled, sleeping,
The stars have filled the sky,
Your eyes reflect the embers —
We’ll never say goodbye.

I can see Heaven from here.
And when the rest of it appears,
I’ll find you in frontier —
I can see Heaven from here

I can see Heaven from here.
And the cloak of the world, darkless, sheer,
A healing destiny is clear —
I can see Heaven from here.

Will T. Massey, live at Flipnotics June 12, 2010
Mark GumB Williams (bass), Kim Deschamps (pedal steel), Richard Bowden (fiddle)



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