Good News, Bad News — Nothing New

Posted on my social media yesterday afternoon:
Good news/bad news from my excursion to the spinal specialist in the Springs: nothing indicating surgery (Good!), nothing they can do at this point (bad) — that is, nothing new.
Basically, nothing has changed. still struggling and dealing w ongoing (albeit reduced) pain. I start PT next Monday along w continued rest & reduced activity/capability. I am generally more mobile around the first floor of our house but steps outside (to car) are iffy/risky; still get wobbly on the right leg without warning sometimes…still a long, hard road ahead for now.
but we did stop for Bunkhouse Burgers on the way back for my first non-medical outing since the 3rd of July!
Since that posting, I’ve gotten a lot of support on that post from friends near and far. More than a few can share their own stories of painful recovery journeys, some reporting interventions that helped (helps) them. More than a few have offered specific suggestions. That’s not only heartening on its own (and, yes, I will explore some of the suggestions if appropriate), but when I consider that so many friends are in need as well,  and some far  worse off, it definitely boosts my spirits. I wish us all support in our struggles and what relief we may each find.
In the weeks leading up to yesterday’s spinal specialist consultation, I had been hoping for a simple, quick fix, anticipating possible surgery. But the quick fix is that there is no quick fix.
Instead, I’m inching forward, slowly (the only speed I can go these days!) on a long road to possible recovery.
I do feel like I am progressing, And sometimes, just ruling out causes and treatments provides helpful guidance.
For now, it’s PT & pain pills…and patience.
Stay tuned for further updates…

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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