An object at rest will remain at rest…

Inertia is a fundamental law of physics, enshrined by Sir Isaac Newton as his First Law of Motion. It usual refers to objects, but as a physical being, I feel it quite acutely in my current situation.

Inertia...I last posted on this blog weeks ago, when it became obvious there would be no quick, simple solution to my ongoing incapacitation. The partially slipped disc that presses on (but does not fully pinch off) my nerve still has me severely limited and essentially homebound. Mostly, it’s been pretty much the same, rather limited existence as I rest and try to heal.

Yes, it’s a regime of physical therapy and home exercises for now. My PT and all the medical professionals suggest letting “nature take its course.” The pain has been so greatly reduced as to be negligible for long periods of most days. My nights still present challenges to getting fully rested, but even those are not nearly so badly as before.

Functionally, I can ambulate about our house quite well — as long as I stay on the first floor. I can carefully manage the front steps and walking out to the car for my various medical appointments. I have even managed some slight “outings” beyond those medical appointments, including enjoying 2 meals in the restaurants, rather than eating take-out at home. I have started to feel more confident.

Then, I took a tumble taking the dog to the vet. I knew better than to try and hold her by the leash, but she seemed calm enough as she jumped out of the car. But then, she lunged forward, pulling me off balance just as I needed to step up onto the sidewalk. I stumbled on that slight rise, started to fall, and tucked into enough of a roll to mostly just embarrass myself. And get reminded to be humble, as several people came over to help me get up.

So, I’m still not ready for prime time, as they say. I do pretty well with a controlled environment of a predictable nature, but take me out in the real world, noted for its tendency to chaotically collide with your personal thoughts and intention to do things, and I can quickly fail in a dramatic — and dangerous — manner.

So, I’ll continue my PT and exercises and hope to continue improving, even if it’s just a little at a time. If you get that object — or person — moving consistently, inertia can build into momentum.

About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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