Ghosts & Blogs of Christmas Past

I’m still a lazy blogger.
I’m still struggling to gain momentum in recovering from my incapacitation.
So, here’s my lazy offering this Christmas Day: a short collection of memories of Christmases gone by, as well as a few prior back porch blogs about Christmas.

My 1st Christmas, 1954 — don’t I look thrilled!

My childhood memories of Christmas are vague at best. I have photographic evidence of early Christmases, but few memories from those holidays at home. We always started the Christmas season — put up the tree & decorations — on the 18th since my brother’s birthday was the 17th.

Sometimes we travelled, no doubt, but those memories are even vaguer. One Christmas in the mid-60s when we celebrated at the YMCA of the Rockies near Estes Park, a family of Texans struggling to dress warmly but still enjoying that season.

Other later Christmases that stand out:

  • 1967  at Granny Massey’s in San Angelo when I got the Beatles single, “Hello/Goodbye.”
  • 1977 — double-up dinner day since Scott & Joanie were on the outs with the folks.
  • 1978 — Playing Santa on the psych ward at the Brown Schools’ Ranch Christmas 1978
  • 1980 — “Working” at Marbridge by taking a group of our best-behaved guys to see “Superman” in the theater

Most of my 80s Christmas centered around the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar thru the 80s with my annual video shot, edited, and cablecast in the first week. Even after I stopped doing that (except for a few things 2008-2010), Christmas in Austin isn’t complete without a Dillo Xmas run or two.

And there’s a couple of bittersweet Christmas memories with Jessie circa he late 80s: building her bouncing horsie ride one Christmas Eve — and her final Christmas (1988), as she was dying of cancer and bloated by steroid treatment, and the minor miracle it took to get me there that time.

Prior Christmas blogs

Well, that’s about the best this lazy blogger intends to do this Christmas — enjoy!

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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