Buller’s Back Porch is where I sometimes go to sit and muse about a myriad of subjects from surreal to sublime.

Sometimes, I blog from the back porch, and that’s what you’re reading now. Thanks for stopping by!

3 Responses to About

  1. Rob Story says:

    Can you please contact me via email? Would love to chat about Will Massey. He and I went to elementary school together in San Angelo. He will know me as Robby Null.

  2. Pat says:

    Hey Robby! Pat Dierschke here! Will crosses my mind every so often and I come to this blog to remember and re-live some of those times.

  3. Tom Breiding says:

    I met Will in Austin, introduced by an Italian friend. We spent a day and evening together performing at The Carousel Lounge along with Valerie and visited their house til we caught McMutry’s midnight show. I think it was 2007. Will was very quiet but so gracious, a beautiful gentle soul. He opened up when I asked him about his MCA experience. That debut has become one of my favorite recordings. His genius shines on most everything I’ve heard from him. I hope that he is well, or at peace and in comfort. I’m forever grateful for the hours I spent with him. Sincerely, Tom Breiding, Pittsburgh PA

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