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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.

Songs of Will T. Massey — “Letters in the Wind”

After Will first emerged from his prolonged absence in 2005, his first recordings were the sparse solo efforts, Acoustic Session and Alone, recorded at Stuart Sullivan’s Wire studios. For his third recording, 2006’s Letters in the Wind, his family funded a … Continue reading

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Disconnected myself from this blog & the back porch over the last 2 weeks to reconnect with old friends, favorite foods and fun down in Texas. The whole trip presented a series of challenges due to my prolonged incapacitation & … Continue reading

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Sing a Song of Texas

Happy Texas Independence Day! 187 years ago today, a group of Texicans (as they called themselves back then) declared independence from Mexico to establish the Republic of Texas. Of course, it wasn’t that easy, and it took a revolution and … Continue reading

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Granddad’s Sermons

My grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, left behind a number of short sermons among the manuscript pages of his memoirs. A deeply religious man, he served as lay preacher and Sunday school teacher in the Pentecostal church. I’ve shared several portions of … Continue reading

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What Healthcare System?

There is no healthcare system in America. Yes, we do have great doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, EMT, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals/paraprofessionals of all stripes. Their hearts are good and their efforts are heroic. They can be incredibly effective. They could … Continue reading

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Welcome to Austin —10 Minutes Too Late…

Everyone arrives in Austin 10 minutes too late for the latest Lost Austin icon. If you arrived in Austin in the 70s (like I did), well, you missed the Vulcan Gas Company — but you caught the Armadillo World Headquarters. … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “I’ve Been Called” *

*INCOMPLETE/INCORRECT LYRICSitalicized words are my “best guess” Since my cousin, Will T. Massey, slipped back into the shadows of schizophrenia in 2016, I’ve been sharing his music here, including lyrics. That has not always been an easy task. Will weaves … Continue reading

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Grieving the Death of a Furry Family Member

Pets bring us joy when they enter our life. Pets bring us love throughout their lives. And pets bring us pain, sorrow and grief when they die. Of course they do. A pet is a friend and a family member. … Continue reading

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New Beginnings & False Starts

It’a the end of January, what someone once referred to as “that two-faced month.”  Its mythological namesake Janus has one face looking backward, one looking forward. January serves as a commonly defined “beginning,” not just flipping the page on the … Continue reading

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Re: My Grandfather as “Guest Blogger”

The first time I posted an excerpt from my grandfather’s memoir manuscripts, I referred to him as a “Guest Blogger.” By now, years later, I’ve posted over 70 entries from his writings. I still find these stories of his fascinating … Continue reading

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