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The Lazy Blogger Lives on

“Hard work pays off eventually.Lazy pays off immediately.” I was going to post this yesterday, but…well, you know.Actually, I started writing it last year, but…well, you know. I constantly warn people I meet that I am lazy. A lot of … Continue reading

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SXSWedu 2017 doodle-notes (Part 1)

It’s been a week since SXSWedu 2017 so it’s about time I post some of my doodle-notes from the 4 days in the Land of A-Ha’s! Monday Monday morning, as soon as I told my wife, “I’ll call you for … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

Previously, I’ve described working with individuals in a residential treatment facility, the Brown Schools, and how that has influenced much of my thinking about learning and behavior. All my subsequent jobs and freelance projects have, in some way or another built … Continue reading

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SXSWedu — Forever Learning

Tomorrow, I return to the Land of A-Ha’s where curiosity and learning intersect in an explosion of learning possibilities: SXSWedu. Sure, you may know all about South by Southwest (SXSW), whether it’s the music, film or interactive festival. What far fewer … Continue reading

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Scoring SuperBetter to Win Your Life

Completing our series on getting superbetter — for now! In the last set of blog posts here, I’ve examined the 7 Gameful Rules of SuperBetter. Applying those rules to any struggle in life can help you develop the resiliency needed to rise up … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #2: Power-Up!

Part 3 of a continuing series on getting superbetter Anytime you’re facing a challenge, you could use a bit of a boost. That’s why Jane McGonigal follows up her first gameful rule in SuperBetter (Challenge yourself) with gameful rule #2: Collect … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #1: Challenge Yourself

Second in a series of posts about getting superbetter Picture your worst enemy standing directly in your path just ahead. Your heart starts to pound and your breath quickens. Your pulse races and your muscles tense. Your thoughts focus like a … Continue reading

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So SuperBetter ’16

So, I finally got around to reading SuperBetter, the latest book by games guru and futurist, Jane McGonigal. McGonigal launched SuperBetter, the free public game for improving personal resiliency, back in 2012, fresh on the heels of her 2011 best-selling book, … Continue reading

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Hit, Kicked, Scratched, Bit…

…and I could go on. That’s just a partial list of physical attacks I endured while providing direct care to psychiatric patients as a  Mental Health Worker (MHW) at the Brown School’s Ranch Treatment Center circa the late 70s. Hair pulled, beard yanked, spit on, food, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2015! Resolutions?

Last year, I resolved to make no resolutions — thus making my resolution and breaking it at the same time. What’s up this year? I could borrow a resolution or two from others. There’s Woody Guthrie’s list from 1942 of … Continue reading

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